Homosexuality … taboo ?

7 Apr

Homosexual couple

Well I am not homosexual.
But that’s why I have to ask this question to myself.
Is it a taboo? Are homosexual people are sick? or they are just normal people like me and you.
What if one of my best friend or my loved once turns out to be one of them?
What will I do?
As recently I have confront similar situation like this.
One of my best friend called me up the other night. I know him for like six or seven years. After a long talk he made me clear that he does not believe in GOD anymore.
Trust me, He had his own reasons.
As a believer of god,what did I do?
First that made me angry. I told him he was out of his mind. He was doing it for the sake of his anxiety and I pointed out to him that as he was engaged with his girlfriend. whom he was supposed to get married very soon, will fall apart.
But he was firm on his points.
Did I leave him?
How can I do it?Human are rational creature. They know (well most of the time) what they are doing. If they have reason there is know way we can oppose them. we can have our own reason to change them.

But calling something TABOO, without valid reason, is another Taboo.

What do you think.

Enlighten me please. I want to know if I am thinking right.